“I’d rather vote for an asshole who is honest…”

Updated: Dec 14, 2018


EUGENE, Oregon – When Caro from Kentucky heard I was a foreigner, he did like so many other Americans: apologised for the presidential candidates this year.

“We have an actor, and one with a very bad temper”.

Caro is a forest fire fighter but since there are not that many forest fires in Kentucky, he works for a department in Oregon during the summer. The pay is good and there is good sense of brotherhood in the corps. And he describes the job as ‘fun’.

“First you dig a two feet trench around the fire. It can take up to four days. Then, when the fire is out, you go look for anything smouldering – like amber – to be sure that the fire doesn’t start again. It’s a lot of fun.”

I met Caro by the Fern Ridge Lake outside Eugene, OR, but in a month or so, he will go back to Kentucky, where he now has a nephew (who was born during Caro’s latest fire).

In Kentucky, he is a registered Republican and though Donald Trump is a hothead, Caro favours that to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Honestly, I’d rather vote for an asshole who is honest than someone who is telling you a bunch of lies.”

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