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Witnessing the dark side of American health care

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

SILVER SPRINGS, Nevada – I have spent the last three days talking to a tiny part of the millions of Americans who cannot afford to get their infected teeth pulled out, see a gynaecologist or buy a pair of glasses so they can read the letters in a newspaper.

They were old, young, skinny, overweight, smiling, crying, silent, laughing, white, dark-skinned, Hispanic and very humble: for three days everybody in town could get free health care.

The picture above shows the back of a grandmother getting her eyes checked in a high school locker room. Behind the lockers is her daughter, granddaughter and a bunch of other people in need of glasses. Meanwhile in the same building, others get their  x-rays taken, teeth extracted or blood pressure measured.

Soon I will write about it for the splendid site DR Webdok. Soon.

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